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Thrush and Breast Feeding- Information That You Can Use

Thrush is Harmless for the Baby.Thrush is a common yeast infection caused by Candida albicans. This infection is witnessed during breastfeeding and spreads on the baby’s lips, the mother’s nipples, milk ducts, and diaper area.

Thrush during breastfeeding is generally harmless, but hard to get rid of. It keeps transferring from mother to baby and back unless eliminated. Thrush and breast-feeding keep good company because this infection thrives in moist areas.

Thrush and Breast Feeding – Detecting Thrush in the Baby

Mentioned below are the symptoms of thrush. Your baby may have some or all the signs of thrush. Check for the signs carefully.

Signs of Thrush

  • Signs of Thrush.Your baby may have patches, or white or gray spots on the inside of the mouth, tongue or gums. You may try to clean the baby’s tongue gently. White coating will wipe off easily, whereas thrush will stay put.

  • You will notice a reddish hue on the cheeks of the baby.

  • The baby’s lips or inside of the mouth may have a lustrous shine.

  • Diaper rash that may be stubborn, and not responding to remedies.

  • The baby may become fussier, especially while breast-feeding.

  • The baby’s mouth and gums may bleed when the thrush infection is severe.

Thrush and Breast Feeding – Detecting Thrush in the Mother

Thrush can affect the child as well as the mother. The signs and symptoms of thrush in mother are mentioned below. As these signs can indicate other problems too, you may consult your doctor immediately.

  • You may feel pain in one or both the nipples and breasts all the time, including when you breast-feed.

  • The areola may develop a lustrous shine.

  • The nipples may get dry and crack.

  • The nipples and areola may acquire a deep pink, red or purple hue.

  • Your nipples may develop rashes or white spots.

If you have been witnessing any or some of these symptoms, there are chances that you have thrush. This can be aggravate by regular use of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria that help us control infection, including candida albicans. As the levels of good bacteria lower, thrush may show up.

Thrush-Treatment for the Mother

If you experience any of the symptoms of thrush, consult your doctor, who will diagnose the problem and prescribe a line of treatment to clear up the thrush completely. You may also have vaginal yeast infection. The doctor may suggest the following:

  • You may be suggested an over-the-counter medication containing acetaminophen for breast pain

  • Before breastfeeding massage your breasts to stimulate the milk

  • You may also place ice packs on the nipple before feeding. This will reduce the pain

  • Make sure that your baby latches on to the breast properly

  • Never pull your baby away. Break the suction by pressing your finger gently against one side of the baby’s mouth

  • Avoid the use of breast pads to prevent the infection from spreading
Treatment for the Baby

The doctor may prescribe an anti-fungal cream for direct application on the baby’s mouth. Alternatively, you can apply a one percent gentian violet solution with a cotton swab on the affected spot once a day. You may also use the same solution on your nipples.

Thrush needs to be completely routed, so consult the doctor immediately and start the treatment right away.

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