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Top 10 Tips to Lessen Morning Sickness

Unfortunately, morning sickness is a common and typically unpleasant side effect of being pregnant. The severity can range from mild to debilitating, depending on your individual case. Morning sickness typically subsides by the end of the first trimester. Nevertheless, it behooves you to know what you can do to lessen its effects while you are in the full throes of it! Here are ten valuable ways to help keep morning sickness at bay (or to get rid of it!):

1. Be sure you are getting plenty of rest. If you are highly stressed, it is likely that your morning sickness will be exacerbated. (Also, high stress is not the best thing for the baby). You might also use a pregnancy body pillow to properly support your back and stomach, helping ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

2. Eating habits. Eat smaller portions of food throughout the day. By keeping something in your stomach, you may reduce your nausea.

3. Limit the time you spend in front of your computer monitor. The rapid flickering of the computer display has been tied to morning sickness.

4. Exercise. If you spend your days lying in bed, you’re more likely to feel lousy. So, be sure to get up and move, particularly during the early stages of pregnancy.

5. Consider drinking some apple cider vinegar in water, with honey added. This concoction can help calm a queasy stomach.

6. Eat some applesauce. The dish can soothe your stomach, making morning sickness go away.

7. Consider a helping of Asian pears or citrus fruit. Both are known to limit the effects of morning sickness.

8. Eat a baked potato. It’s bland—yet highly nutritious. Or, eat some bananas at breakfast. The fruit’s potassium may help prevent morning sickness.

9. Wear comfortable and non-restrictive maternity clothing. Clothes that are restrictive around the waist can lend to your nausea.

10. Consider using children’s vitamins instead of regular pre-natal vitamins. You might find them to be far easier to digest. And, typically, you don't want to take pre-natal vitamins (or any vitamins for that matter) on an empty stomach.

Other recommendations include a peanut butter sandwich with honey, decaffeinated cola, or cereal with ice-cold milk. Another great option is to try to distract yourself. If you’re focusing on your morning sickness, you’re more likely to be ill for greater periods of time. So, when you start to feel queasy, consider watching television, doing a puzzle, playing cards or reading a good book. Such activities can also relax you, making you less likely to succumb to morning sickness.

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