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Learn About Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

morning sickness during pregnancy.Morning sickness is one of the unpleasant fallouts of pregnancy. Most women complain of morning sickness during pregnancy. The symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Though called morning sickness, the symptoms can strike you during any part of the day.

However, it most commonly occurs in the morning soon after waking up, and it just may due to waking up with an empty stomach. You are likely to experience the symptoms in the first month of pregnancy, which may continue up to the 16th week.

However, there are a lucky few who experience no morning sickness during pregnancy. Pregnancy symptom morning sickness afflicts about 50% to 90% of all pregnant women. Therefore, if you are lucky, you can expect to have a pregnancy with no morning sickness. However, even if you experience morning sickness symptoms during your pregnancy, you can overcome them with some education about morning sickness reasons, cures and taking necessary precautions.

Pregnancy morning sickness can be attributed to the hormonal changes in the body. Would-be mothers do worry about its adverse effects on the baby, but morning sickness does not harm the baby. If you are not able to take a balanced diet, take vitamin supplements.

Women who experience no morning sickness during pregnancy worry that they might have a miscarriage. Though studies have shown that a certain percentage of women who had miscarriages did not complain of nausea, but it does not conclusively prove the point.

There are a large number of women with successful pregnancies that were fortunate enough to avoid morning sickness. However, there are ways to avoid morning sickness, which might work out in certain cases. Studies have shown that women experiencing severe morning sickness during their first pregnancy are likely to suffer from morning sickness in second pregnancy as well.

Getting Relief from Morning Sickness

Here are a few suggestions to help you get relief from morning sickness.

  • Avoid foods and smells that cause nausea. Even if it means staying away from a number of food items, at this stage it does not really matter if you do not have a balanced diet. Try eating bland foods at room temperature in the morning and avoid foods with pungent odors.

  • Keeping away from rich, acidic, spicy, and fried foods does help, as these ingredients tend to irritate the stomach lining and cause nausea.
  • Do not keep your stomach empty for longer periods. Eat small and frequent meals or snacks during the day. Try foods that are high in protein content.
  • Keep snacks by the bedside so that you can help yourself on these when you wake up in the morning. They can also be of help when you wake with nausea in the middle of the night.
  • Take fluids between meals, but in limited quantities so that you do not feel full. After all, you need space for your meals too.
  • Keep sipping fluids throughout the day. In case of excessive vomiting, try sipping a sports drink containing glucose, potassium and salt.
  • Many cultures around the world rely on ginger to tackle morning sickness. Ginger is known to have a comforting effect on the digestive system, and the stomach in particular. However, you may ask your health care provider for the right dosage before taking ginger supplements.

Morning sickness is a minor discomfort in comparison to the overall joy of pregnancy and motherhood. Therefore, take proper precaution and brave these days with a positive attitude because morning sickness does not last for long.

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