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A Picture of Stage of Pregnancy – Capture the Golden Moments

Photo of pregnant woman in maternity dress.Pregnancy can be quite an unforgettable event in a woman’s life. If you want a particular moment etched in your mind forever, take a picture of that stage of pregnancy. Looking at those pictures later will keep the golden moments of your pregnancy alive.

You can take a trip down memory lane remembering those beautiful and subtle emotional moments you experienced. Your early stage pregnancy picture might even remind you of the not so pleasant morning sickness phase, and the ecstasy and excitement of impending motherhood as well.

Capturing Your Pregnancy on Camera

If you were keen to record all the physical changes during your pregnancy, you would probably be thinking of how to take a picture of the different stage of pregnancy. You can ask your partner to take your pictures. If you and your partner want to keep these personal and private moments to yourselves, click the pictures on a digital camera.

The advantage with digital cameras is that you do not require the services of a professional photo developer and printer. All you need to do is load the pictures on your computer and view them whenever you want. If you wish to share these photographs with your family and friends, just attach them to the email or upload them to your online photo albums. With a digital camera, you can keep picture of stage of pregnancy by week.

Sepia colored pregnancy photo.You can strike a pose with your partner in the picture, or have your children hugging you. You can click pictures indoor or even on a weekend out with your children. Enjoy every stage in pregnancy and picture it for eternity.

The glow on the face of a pregnant woman is unique and worth capturing. A woman is known to be at her glowing best only during her pregnancy. After delivering your baby, your body will lose that big tummy. So, you can take the pictures of yours in that state and watch later how you looked in the advanced stages of pregnancy.

Memory is short, and you are likely to forget which picture was taken when. The scrapbook that you are likely to prepare for sticking your pictures should be maintained in a chronological order.

Most digital cameras come with the date and time feature, which appear at one of the bottom corners of the picture. If your camera does not have one, write down the date of the picture at the back of the print out. If the pictures are of different dates but close to one another, you may not be able to tell which picture was taken first and helps in identifying the stage in pregnancy and picture.

What to wear
Black and white maternity dress.You certainly would like to look beautiful in your pictures. Appropriately designed and stylized clothes will help enhance the esthetic appeal of your pictures.

Maternity gowns in various designs add grace to your personality. You can wear maternity lingerie to warm things up in the bedroom. You could look great in maternity pants and maternity skirts depending on what you wish to wear. If you are planning to spend the weekend on a beach, try out some real cool maternity swim wear, and remember to carry your camera. Capture the golden moments, as they do not come by often.

Check our recommended sources below for deals and attractive offers for pregnancy pictures and other maternity supplies.

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