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Pregnancy and Morning Sickness Cures

The excitement and thrill of getting pregnant may be marred by morning sickness, which plays the role of a spoilsport to perfection. It is something that pregnant women need to bear from around the 4th week of pregnancy until the 14th to 16th week.

Morning sickness is characterized by the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. The degree of severity of morning sickness differs from one person to another, According to a study; women who experienced morning sickness in the early stages of their pregnancy were less likely to have a miscarriage or premature delivery.

Effecting Morning Sickness Cure

Morning sickness is tough on pregnant women and can strike any time during the day. You need to learn some ways to deal with this problem. Here are some effective cures for morning sickness.

  • Fatigue can cause morning sickness. To keep morning sickness at bay, you need a lot of rest. Keep taking small naps to recoup your energies.
  • After a hard day at office or home, make sure that you have a full night’s sleep. Get out of your bed slowly. With a well-rested body, you are likely to experience low intensity morning sickness or none at all. This can be a good cure for morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • The symptoms of morning sickness are likely to be severe on an empty stomach. That is the probable reason they are the most severe in the morning. Keep some snacks by your bedside and take them as soon as you wakeup. Take rest for about 20 minutes before moving out of bed.
  • Keeping away from warm areas helps, as heat aggravates nausea.
  • Avoid food items that are fried, spicy and greasy. They promote acidity in the stomach, which causes morning sickness.
  • Avoid skipping meals, because an empty stomach is likely to cause nausea.
  • Take smaller meals at frequent intervals of two to three hours. A full stomach helps keeps nausea away.
  • Keep away from strong odors and smells. During pregnancy, your sense of smell grows stronger and more sensitive, which can lead to nausea.
  • Eat cold foods, as hot foods have stronger odors.
  • Try to eat something salty before every meal.

Natural Cures for Morning Sickness

Among the morning sickness cures, ginger root is the most effective and safest cure for morning sickness during pregnancy. Take as much ginger as you possibly can. Ginger can be had in any form. You can add it in your food, or go for ginger tea. Ginger very effectively alleviates nausea.

Ginger Can Help Cure Morning Sickness

Ginger Can Help Cure Morning Sickness.You can cure morning sickness during pregnancy through natural remedies. Try drinking herbal teas or other teas that do not contain caffeine. The next time you are at a health food store, try picking up lemon balm, chamomile, or raspberry leaf tea to cure morning sickness.

Keep some warm water by your bedside, add 2 to 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to it and drink it first thing in the morning to neutralize acidity in the stomach. This is an effective cure for morning sickness.

Drinking a lot of water compensates for the water loss because of vomiting. You should not risk getting dehydrated, which not only causes you harm, but also affects your baby adversely.

You can try these simple cures and see how effective they are in curing morning sickness.

Check our recommended sources below for deals and attractive offers on morning sickness cures and other maternity supplies.

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