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Which is the Best Breast Feeding Position for My Baby?

breast feeding position.Having your baby can be one of the most emotionally fulfilling experiences. Life just takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of your little one. Priorities change just as quickly. Your first priority now is to feed the baby.

All of you know the importance of breastfeeding your baby. If you have just had your first baby, you probably want to know the best breast-feeding position for you baby.

Holding your Baby

Generally, there are four main comfortable positions for breast-feeding your baby. A breast-feeding mother can pick a breast-feeding position that suits her best.

  • Four comfortable positions for breast-feeding your baby.Cradle Hold: This is a position that most mothers use. Place the baby in your lap with its head in the crook of your arm. Gently turn the baby so that her chest is placed against yours to allow easy access to the nipple.

  • Cross-cradle Hold: This position is similar to the cradle hold breast feeding position except that you hold the baby’s head in your hand to direct it toward the nipple.

  • Football Hold: In this position, you hold the baby by your side with the legs under your arms. Hold the baby like you would hold a football under your arm and turn her head toward the breast. Direct the breast toward the baby with the other hand. This breast feeding position is handy if you had a cesarean section, have sore nipples, or blocked ducts. This position is also recommended for feeding twins.

  • Lying Down: You will feel more comfortable in this position for nighttime feeding of your baby. Place your baby by your side, facing you as you lie down. Gently guide your breast in the direction of the baby’s mouth. Ensure that the baby is able to breathe properly.

Whatever breastfeeding position you use, you should feed from both the breasts alternately; otherwise, the unused breast may develop blocked ducts.

Making the Baby Latch On

It is an important aspect of breast-feeding. If your baby does not latch on properly, she may not get adequate food and you nipples may get sore. Here are some steps to ensure that your baby latches on correctly.

  • Place your baby in one of the above four positions. Support your breast with your fingers under the breast and the thumb on top. Alternately, you can position your fingers and thumb on either side of the breast.

  • Gently turn the baby in your direction and tickle her lips with the nipple. Your baby will open her mouth.

  • As she opens her mouth, guide the breast in her mouth making sure that the baby grasps the areola (the dark area around the nipple) and the nipple well. This will help the baby suckle comfortably. Support the breast, so that it does not slip out of the baby’s mouth.

  • No part of the breast should block the baby’s nose. If it does, gently press the breast away to allow free passage of air. The baby’s body should be facing the breast to ensure that her neck is under no strain.

  • If the baby has not latched well, gently press a finger on the corner of the mouth to break the suction. Pull your breast out and put it in again.

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