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Stretch Mark Removal – Various Options
Pregnant belly with no stretch marks.Stretch marks appear when the skin is expanded to its limit. These marks develop because of the tiny tears in the supporting layers of the skin. Most pregnant women get stretch marks on the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and thighs. During pregnancy, the skin is stretched to its limit and this causes ugly stretch marks to appear on the skin.

These scars also occur in obese people, persons involved in bodybuilding; and in certain cases, during puberty. As the skin is stretched, it effects the production of collagen, resulting in the formation of scars. There are certain procedures for stretch mark removal.

Stretch Mark Removal through Surgery
Scar removal or stretch mark removal can be successfully done through stretch mark removal surgery. However, surgery can be a very expensive option for removal of stretch marks. Some of the surgical procedures for treatment of scars and stretch marks are mentioned below.

Abdominoplasty Surgery: This surgical stretch mark removal procedure is also known as tummy tuck. You can have your stretch marks removed completely through the abdominoplasty surgical procedure.

This surgical stretch mark removal method involves the removal of excess fat and skin to tighten and shape the abdominal wall. As much of the skin below the belly button is removed, the stretch marks in that area are removed too. It is a double benefit surgical procedure, as it helps remove both the excess fat as well as the stretch marks.

Laser Surgery: This surgical procedure for treatment of scars and marks is relatively new and has yet to prove its efficacy as a workable surgical option. People, who have undergone the laser surgery process, have been able to get rid of their stretch marks to a large extent. Lasers effectively vaporize and breakdown tissues, but they are not able to repair the tissue. With the help of laser surgery, you will be able Laser Stretch Mark Removal.to fade your stretch marks but not have the marks removed completely.

Stretch marks at an early stage of development can be removed with this procedure, though a number of treatment sessions will be required for the effect to be visible. The laser does not detect older stretch marks and is not effective for stretch marks that are a few years old.

Newer techniques are being evolved, which are believed to help people with mature stretch marks. Coolbeam, a new laser treatment technique, is believed to stimulate the production of new collagen. Another laser technique is likely to develop soon, where laser beams will focus on the pigment cells in white scars to promote the production of more pigment. It will help improve the color of the scar.

Local Applications: Stretch mark removal can also be effected through oils, creams and lotions, though it is not that easy. These products can help make the skin go soft, but will notStriVectin-SD for stretch marks. completely remove stretch marks. However, recent marks do benefit from these products. Many creams and oils help in improving the texture of the skin, which makes the stretch marks less prominent.

Severe stretch marks can only be treated through surgery, though not completely. However, surgeries are a very expensive option, and can cause minor to moderate pains too. Though these surgical procedures cannot remove stretch marks completely, they do help improve the appearance of the skin.

Check our recommend sources below for deals and attractive offers on these and many other treatments for stretch mark removal.

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