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pictures of pregnancy stretch marks.

Viewing the Larger Stretch Marks Pictures
Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched to a point where it loses its elasticity and thus breaks down. Since the skin does not return to its normal state, the break down gives rise to stretch marks.

Most pregnant women, because of the bulge they develop during pregnancy, fall prey to stretch marks as their skin around the belly, breasts, thighs, and buttocks gets stretched to extreme limits. Girls at puberty get stretch marks also, and so do bodybuilders and overweight people.

Medically, stretch marks are known as erythrocyanosis, a form of scarring that appears when the skin is overstretched. Many forms of treatment that are available today have not been able to remove the scars completely. The topical creams and lotions have been seen as providing symptomatic relief and not a permanent cure for this medical condition.

The above picture shows some serious scarring on the protruding abdomen of a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy. Such marks show up in about 50% to 90% of all pregnant women. These lines are bright red or purplish in color. Stretch marks manifest as pink colored streaks on light skin, whereas darker skins have lighter colored streaks.

In pregnancy, stretch marks generally appear on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, thighs, and arms. Any part of the skin that undergoes extreme stretching develops these unattractive streaks.

Permanent Solution
Plastic surgery is a possible way of getting rid of your stretch marks permanently. Laser surgery, an outpatient procedure that has little or no recovery period involved, is most commonly used for removing stretch marks. Another treatment method known as blue light therapy uses gel and light to remove stretch marks.

An option for people with severe stretch marks is skin peels or laser therapy. The procedure is likely to cause minor to moderate pain, but is reported to have successfully improved the appearance of stretch marks. Laser therapy is an expensive treatment procedure.

The above picture shows stretch marks in detail. Note how the skin has been discolored badly with lines running along the length of the body. Stretch marks can make the skin look very unattractive. You cannot even think of enjoying an afternoon at the beach with this kind of scarring.

photo of stretch marks.With the help of treatment such as laser therapy, the skin undergoes definite changes. Discoloration will show marked improvement. The long streaks will be reduced. Skin will be tighter and will look much better.

It appears as if a visit to the beach is not a distant possibility.

You can compare pictures to see how the right stretch mark treatments have helped stretch marks reduce in intensity. There is often a marked reduction in the visibility of ugly scarring. The continuity of the proper treatment is crucial to attain noticeable improvement of skin quality. The stretch marks should eventually start disappearing and merging into the skin.

The best way to treat stretch marks is to avoid them by not gaining weight all too suddenly or losing it rapidly. It is also important to stay well-hydrated during pregnancy and keep your skin well moisturized.

Check our recommended resources below for deals and attractive offers for these and many other options for stretch mark treatments.

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