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pregnancy stages.

Pregnancy Photos- Memories Forever

Pregnancy can be quite an unforgettable event in a woman’s life. If you want a particular moment etched in your mind forever, take a picture of that stage of pregnancy. Looking at those pictures later will keep the golden moments of your pregnancy alive.

You can take a trip down memory lane remembering those beautiful and subtle emotional moments you experienced. Your early stage pregnancy picture might even remind you of the not so pleasant morning sickness phase, and the ecstasy and excitement of impending motherhood as well.
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Picture of Stage of Pregnancy - Capture Those Beautiful Memories
A pregnancy stage image will let you understand and evaluate the different physical changes your body undergoes in the different stages of the nine-month period.

Photos are the right way to capture and store the memorable moments of your life and the stage of pregnancy photo lets you enjoy and remember the days when you were looking different, feeling down, excited, depressed, down because of morning sickness and various other stage and moods of pregnancy. Different photos of pregnancy stages and moods would also help you understand your body changes and compare them with the ones that you have during your second pregnancy.
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The Early Stage of Pregnancy- A Time for Mixed Feelings
Things can go wrong in the early stage of pregnancy. Most common among these afflictions are spotting or vaginal bleeding, and/or miscarriage. That is the reason your health care provider will advise you to be extra careful in the early stage of pregnancy.

You may be advised against heightened physical activity, as it may lead to miscarriage. The body may even develop a tendency to miscarry pregnancies. You may be keen to know more about pregnancy and its stages. Learn More >>

The First Stage of Pregnancy --- A Unique Experience
The first stage of pregnancy is generally characterized by symptoms of nausea and vomiting termed morning sickness. Morning sickness can occur any time of the day.

These symptoms that are attributed to hormonal changes in the body, can cause a lot of inconvenience. Another symptom of the initial phase of pregnancy is breast tenderness, which occurs in conjunction with breast growth. The breasts grow in size as they prepare to produce adequate quantities of milk for your baby.
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Weekly Stages of Pregnancy
Most health care providers refer to the week-by-week stage of pregnancy or pregnancy stage by week for a better understanding of the development of fetus inside the mother’s body. The entire pregnancy period is divided into 40 weeks (280 days). Learn More >>

Different Stages of Pregnancy
Total duration of pregnancy is divided into three equal durations
representing different stages of pregnancy. Each stage consists of three-month periods known as trimesters. Learn More >>

Enjoying Your Pregnancy Stage Video
You can maintain a chronological order of your experiences and events that occur during your pregnancy. You will have to rope in your partner to do a lot of video shooting. He can shoot you when you are in all those different moods.

Your agonies in the form of morning sickness and your ecstasies of experiencing the development of your baby inside you can all be captured on video. The advantages of having a video over the still camera are that you can create a full movie on all the stages of pregnancy.
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Information on the Stages of Pregnancy
You need to visit your health care provider at regular intervals during all the stages of pregnancy because she/he has more information on the stage of pregnancy and will be able to determine that the physical development of the baby is satisfactory. This is also important to keep a close watch on your health because the baby’s health and development depends on your health and proper nutrition.
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