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The Importance of Each Stage of Pregnancy Development

The entire pregnancy has been bifurcated into three stages called trimesters. Each stage of pregnancy development is important, as it signifies constant change and development in the fetus. Some people call it week-by-week stage of pregnancy.

The initial pregnancy stage of fetus development is tough for the would-be mother as many hormonal changes are taking place in her body. Morning sickness is a very common symptom in the early stages of pregnancy. The embryo forms and the baby start to develop eyes, ears, toes and fingers.

In the second pregnancy stage, the fetus grows further and the stomach starts to protrude. It is characterized by dizziness, headaches, and backache as further changes take place in the body. early human embryo.

The baby starts to develop bones. The third stage of pregnancy can see signs of fatigue and increased urination. The baby develops vital organs and fat under the skin. By the end of the third semester your baby is ready to arrive.

Weekly Stages of Pregnancy

Most health care providers refer to the week-by-week stage of pregnancy or pregnancy stage by week for a better understanding of the development of fetus inside the mother’s body. The entire pregnancy period is divided into 40 weeks (280 days). The weekly stages of pregnancy are described below.

Week Major Developments
1st and 2nd The first two weeks represent the period before you actually get pregnant; sperm fertilizes the egg
3rd Fertilized egg implants in uterus
4th Placenta starts forming
5th Development of the primitive streak
6th Heart starts to beat, aorta, eyes, liver, gall bladder, lungs, pancreas, arm buds, stomach, intestines start forming
7th Eye lenses, jaws and tongue start developing; arms and legs develop into paddles
8th Development of the cerebellum, hand and foot plates, wrist and elbow areas, eye pigments, teeth buds, windpipe, and voice box takes place
9th Cartilage, bones, sex organs, fingers and thumb start taking shape
10th Ear lobes, upper lips, toes, palate, taste buds acquire a shape
11th Body starts straightening; sex organs form, muscle structure starts varying
12th Gall bladder, pancreas get fully developed; brain takes complete shape; finger nails start developing
13th Vocal chords forms; intestines move to abdomen and form folds
14th Breathing, sucking, swallowing motions practiced; hands become more functional
15th Neck forms; hair pattern defined
16th Toe nails grow; head, neck grow straighter
17th Reflexes like blinking, swallowing, sucking develop; all structures develop further
18th Finger prints develop; fecal waste develops
19th Primitive egg cells in baby girl develop
20th Scalp hair, eyebrows begin developing
21st Muscle and bones get stronger
22nd Hair, eyebrows now visible
23rd Middle ear bone hardens
24th Heart beat gets stronger
25th Capillaries develop; nostrils open
26th Muscular breathing starts, air sacks develop
27th Development of brain patterns
28th Eyelids open
29th Senses develop, eyes move
30th Body stores nutrients
31st Internal organs mature
32nd Iris reacts to light
33rd Baby may suck fingers
34th Immune system starts developing
35th Descent of testes complete in male child
36th Dimples on elbows, knees, neck
37th End of development
38th Waste accumulates in intestines
39th Baby settles in pelvis
40th Be ready to welcome your newborn

This is an overview of the pregnancy stage fetus every week. However, the weekly stage of pregnancy may vary from person to person depending on a number of factors. You should maintain a regular check-up routine with your health care provider to ensure that the development of your baby is in line with the prescribed weekly stage of pregnancy development.

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