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Drug Use During Breast Feeding

As a rule, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are kept off drugs so that the baby is not affected in any way. Delivering a healthy baby is every woman’s dream, and she sacrifices a lot for her baby’s sake.

However, certain complications may arise during pregnancy or at the time of breastfeeding, which may necessitate the use of drugs. Here is some important information that could facilitate in choosing the drugs that are safe for you and your baby. The information provided in this article is for information and you should consult your physician before taking any drug mentioned in this article.

Reglan and Breast Feeding

Reglan Can Boost Milk Production.As the baby is developing in the mother’s womb, hormonal changes in the mother’s body set off the process for milk production. The moment the baby is born, she should have enough breast milk to feed her rapidly growing baby.

At times, some mothers may have a problem and not be able to produce milk or not produce enough milk for the baby’s needs. There can be a number of reasons for this. The mother may be ill; she may have had a breast surgery, or adopted a baby.

Reglan is a drug that is primarily used in infants, children, and adults for upper gastrointestinal problems. However, Reglan and breast-feeding have a relationship. As a side effect, Reglan increases the production of prolactin, a milk-producing hormone. Prolactin, in conjunction with regular breast pumping enhances the production of breast milk.

Women normally take a 10 mg tablet, three to four times a day for one week, and stop using it by gradually decreasing the dose over the next one week. The milk producing effects begins in about 2 to 4 days and milk production increases when accompanied by pumping 6 to 8 times per day.

It is important to empty the breasts frequently, at night also. A small quantity of Reglan finds its way into the mother’s milk. Reglan is safely given to infants for upper gastrointestinal problems; it does not have infant side effects.

Reglan and Side Effects

According to studies, Reglan has no side effects on infants, but you may watch out for decreased appetite and sleepiness. A small percentage of mothers do have side effects ranging from fatigue, restlessness, and drowsiness to diarrhea. You may refer to your physician or the manufacturers’ information for detailed information on the side effect profile of Reglan.

Zoloft and Breast Feeding

It is believed that sertraline (Zoloft) present in breast milk is safer for the baby. According to some studies, Zoloft could not be found in breast milk. However, some recent studies have confirmed the presence of Zoloft in breast milk in very small amounts. The hind-milk contains the highest concentrations of Zoloft 7 to 10 hours after taking the tablet. Hind-milk, with high fat content, is the milk that follows the fore milk with more water content.

Zoloft and breastfeeding.    Zoloft-The Milk Connection.
Zoloft-The Milk Connection

Zoloft is taken once a day, and the concentration of the drug is found to be the lowest an hour before the drug is taken. Breast feeding babies receive only 0.3 percent of the mother’s dose. It is best to nurse the baby an hour before you take the drug. At other times, you may breast feed the baby for a brief period avoiding the hind-milk. If you are off the drug, then you must ensure that the high-fat hind-milk is made available for the baby.

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