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Pregnancy Pillow – Your Comfort Partner

Pregnancy is a short but very significant period of your life. The changes that your body experiences are something you would never have experienced before. The increase presence of hormones in the body brings about unusual changes, as your body prepares itself for the baby’s development. Your tummy starts to expand as the baby grows inside you.

The body has to make certain adjustments to counter the protruding abdomen. You may also have to make certain adjustments in the way you lie down, sit, stand, and walk.

The Need for a Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is a pillow specially prepared to help you make certain adjustments while you are lying down. These pillows are markedly different from ordinary pillows. You may find it difficult to sleep in normal positions while you are carrying your baby inside you. You probably would be forcing your neck and back into unnatural lying positions.

A pregnancy pillow is adjustable and can be used to support your head, neck and back in conjunction with side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. With adequate support from all sides, you would sleep well and wake up fresh.

The pillow for expectant mothers is made from a very special type of foam that stays in the position you want. Ordinary pillows and cushions are not of much help. You may not feel like lying down on your back. As you change your position to lie sideways, your protruding belly could exert downward pressure, making it uncomfortable for you to sleep.

Your back, which is already under great strain from supporting your extended tummy during the day, could be put under additional strain. Since ordinary pillows are found wanting in this regard, pregnancy pillows, available in a wide range, can play the supporting role to perfection.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

The pillow for pregnant women is a product thoughtfully designed to support the abdomen and the back, which need adequate rest while you are asleep. There are four basic types of pillows available for would be moms:

The Pregnancy Pillow: It consists of two pillows joined together with a Velcro pad. It is adjustable; the Velcro pad facilitates positioning of the two pillows according to comfort. The pillow for these special days of your life simultaneously supports the back and abdomen. You can sleep on your side between the pillows. Most pillows for pregnant women are filled with hypoallergenic polyfill.

The Bean: Shaped like a kidney bean, this pillow supports the back at one The Bean.end, while the other end is tucked between the knees. Doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors have been recommending the bean pillow because of its ability to provide more than adequate support. These pillows come in various styles. The material used in these pillows is fluid proof, anti-microbial, and fire proof.

The Wedge: This simple pillow is wedged under the abdomen for proper support.

Full-Length Body Pillow.The Full-length Body Pillow: These pillows are full-length pillows that provide support along the entire back, abdomen and knees.

All pregnancy pillows that you use should have a 100% cotton cover for comfort. As cotton is a breathable fabric, it allows proper air circulation. Avoid synthetic covers as they promote moisture and bacterial growth.

Check our recommend sources below for deals and attractive offers on these and many other pregnancy pillows.