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Pregnancy Body Pillow – Pillow for Maximum Comfort

pregnancy body pillow.Women who are pregnant for the first time need to know much about pregnancy. There are certain experiences that you will be undergoing for the first time. Not all your experiences are going to be pleasant.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to be prepared in advance. A lot of hormonal activity takes place in the body, as you prepare to take the first step to welcome your baby. As a result, you would be experiencing many changes in the body.

By the start of the third trimester of your pregnancy, you would notice that your tummy has started to grow outward. Towards the middle of the third trimester, it would be protruding quite noticeably. Around this time, your back muscles come under strain while supporting the extending tummy.

You would also notice that you are making adjustments while sitting, standing, walking and lying down. When you lie down to take rest, you may not be able to find a comfortable position. There might be discomfort all around, but it can be easily managed.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

Your ordinary pillows may not be able to provide you the comfort levels you are seeking. However, the pregnancy body pillow is specially designed keeping in mind your requirements. At the advanced stage of your pregnancy, you might face difficulty in finding a comfortable lying position.

You might be stretching your neck and back at unnatural angles, adding to your discomfort. However, the pregnancy body pillow is meant to provide adequate support to your neck, head, and back so that the whole body feels well rested. The different types of body pillows for pregnant women are:

Maternity Body Pillow
Maternity Body Pillow.The maternity body pillow is specially designed to provide support to the extending belly and lower back simultaneously. An adjustable Velcro pad conjoins two special pillows to support the belly and the back. The pad can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

The Bean Pillow
This pillow is shaped like a bean. You can tuck one end between the knees, while the other end curls to support the back. It is a highly recommended pillow for pregnant women, and people with back problems.

Pregnancy Massage Pillow
Pregnant women need regular massage to provide relief to the stiff muscles, and improve blood circulation. Lying on your side does not provide enough scope for a proper back massage. The pregnancy massage pillow is designed in such a way that you can lie on your tummy and receive a full back massage conveniently. The deep hollow in the center of the pillow accommodates all belly sizes.

Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy
The wedge pillow is specially designed to provide gentle support to the tummy if it is creating a downward pressure while you are lying on your side. All you need is to wedge the pillow gently under the belly to release the pressure. The wedge pillow for pregnant woman can also be used along the edge of the back to provide support. The adjustable padded center allows maximum and minimum adjustments.

The pregnancy body pillow is indeed a versatile product that helps pregnant women relax their over-strained muscles and enables them to sleep well.

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