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laser surgery for stretch marks.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks – Permanent and Painless

laser removal of stretch marks.Stretch marks appear mainly during two phases in our lives. This could be puberty or pregnancy. Both times, it occurs because the skin expands suddenly beyond its elastic limit. This causes tiny ruptures in our skin that are visible as red or purple streaks. About 50%-90% of pregnant women develop these stretch marks on their breasts, hips, abdomen and thighs sometime during pregnancy.

In some cases, these marks fade slowly after delivery. However, this is more the exception than the rule. This is the reason why laser treatment of stretch marks remains in hot demand among women.

How does Laser Removal for Stretch Marks Work?
There are very few permanent solutions for stretch mark removal. The most popular treatment is laser therapy or laser surgery for stretch marks. The treatment of stretch marks involving lasers is a painless but time-consuming procedure.

The science of using lasers to remove stretch marks is that it repairs the skin’s natural synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a protein rich compound occurring in the body that repairs and rejuvenates skin tissue. Cosmetic laser treatment for stretch marks works to stimulate renewed growth of depleted collagen. It removes damaged skin tissue, seals broken blood vessels and repairs the fibers of the middle skin. This helps to “fill in” the stretch marks.

Anti-stretch mark creams also follow the same line of treatment but are not very effective. This is because creams do not penetrate beyond the top layer of the skin. Thus, they do not reach the layer where the skin produces collagen. However, laser reaches the underlying levels of the skin and effectively repairs the damage.

Laser surgery is one of the most prolific technological advancements of the medical world and treats a number of medical problems. If you intend to use laser surgery for the permanent removal of your stretch marks, there are some points you need to keep in mind.

Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment
A basic advantage of laser treatment is that there is no risk of infection and blood loss. It is a painless procedure needing minimal or no recovery time. There is no necessity to remain in the hospital once the session is over.

Just like every treatment has a down side, so does laser therapy. An important factor is the monetary investment in laser treatment for stretch marks. It is an expensive option but the promise of permanent removal of stretch marks seems more than worth it. The second point is that it takes a number of treatment sessions to see any kind of difference.

The number of sessions for laser surgery for stretch marks would differ from person to person. It would also depend on how old the stretch marks are. Stretch marks usually respond satisfactorily when they are of reddish or brownish tinge. Once their color assumes a more flesh-colored shade or they become white, conventional laser rays cannot detect them.

A recently invented, pulsed laser dye has come onto the market promises to overcome this limitation.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on laser treatments for stretch marks.

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