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The First Stage of Pregnancy --- A Unique Experience

If you are planning to raise a family, there is no news sweeter than that of a new pregnancy. It is a cause for celebrations for the entire family. From now on you will have to be careful, as you not only have a responsibility towards your health, but towards your baby’s well being too.

The first stage of pregnancy is the most vulnerable period of pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you to eat a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins that you get from fruits, vegetables, and grains.

The entire period of pregnancy is bifurcated into three stages called trimesters. The first trimester is the initial stage of pregnancy. It is a stage in pregnancy, where the first symptoms of pregnancy occur. It is great to know that the process of bringing your baby into the world has just begun inside you.

1st Stage of Pregnancy

The first stage of pregnancy is generally characterized by symptoms of nausea and vomiting termed morning sickness. Morning sickness can occur any time of the day. These symptoms that are attributed to hormonal changes in the body, can cause a lot of inconvenience. Another symptom of the initial phase of pregnancy is breast tenderness, which occurs in conjunction with breast growth. The breasts grow in size as they prepare to produce adequate quantities of milk for your baby.

Development of the Baby - first stage of pregnancy. Pregnancy normally spans a nine-month period. The start of the period is considered on the first day of your last period. It means that the countdown begins before you actually conceive.

The egg gets fertilized about 2 weeks after your last period. It takes about one week for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus. The developing egg is called an embryo, which develops at a very fast rate.

During the beginning stage of pregnancy, the umbilical cord and the placenta start forming soon after the implantation of the egg in the uterus. Their job is to provide nutrition to the embryo and remove waste. After one month of pregnancy, the baby is only two weeks old. Around this period the baby’s lungs, heart, brain, and nervous system start to develop. The baby’s sex is also determined during the 1st stage of pregnancy.

The Mother and First Stage of Pregnancy
Initially, you may not even know that you are pregnant. You may be oblivious to the baby developing inside you. The moment you feel that you might be pregnant, visit your health care provider. You will be subjected to a urine and blood test to confirm your pregnancy.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, your health care provider will advise you what to do. If you are under medication, discuss it. There are certain medicines and drugs that are harmful for your developing baby. You will be asked to quit smoking and refrain from consuming excessive alcohol with immediate effect. Positive thinking plays a vital role in the development of a healthy baby. Therefore, it would be better if you shun negative thoughts right from the initial stage of your pregnancy.

Your baby is most vulnerable during the initial phase of pregnancy. So, take care of your diet, and keep away from alcohol, cigarettes, and harmful medicines. Follow the health care provider’s advice to ensure of a healthy and pleasant pregnancy.

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