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Fenugreek – An Effective Remedy for Low Breast Milk

fenugreek.Fenugreek is an herb that is widely grown and is available in many Mediterranean countries, Argentina, France, India, North Africa, and USA. Fenugreek is a widely accepted alternative or herbal treatment for low breast milk.

The seeds of fenugreek plant are responsible in increasing the milk supply. This is because fenugreek helps in stimulating the sweat production that is required for breast milk of nursing mothers.

This way fenugreek breast feeding or the use of fenugreek by nursing mothers can increase the production of breast milk 24 to hours of consuming fenugreek. Once a particular level of milk supply is reached, moms can then discontinue its use. No other remedies are required when a woman is using fenugreek to increase her milk production.

Intake of fenugreek has worked wonders to enhance lactation for women who had breast surgery with surgical incisions around the areola. It has also proved a great remedy for the mothers who were pumping for their non-nursing infants.

Various Forms of Consuming Fenugreek

Fenugreek Capsules.
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Fenugreek can be consumed raw or in a pill form. The pills are nothing but the ground seeds that are formed into capsules. For increasing the lactation among moms, it is recommended to have two to three capsules of fenugreek three times a day.

However, the labeled dosage on the bottles may vary to one capsule three times in a day. Consult your physician / gynecologist before you start taking these pills.

The other way of consuming Fenugreek is in the form of fenugreek tea. However, using fenugreek tea may not be as effective as consuming fenugreek seeds or fenugreek pills. In some cultures, people make some good recipes using fenugreek to make it palatable for the nursing mother.

Other uses of Fenugreek

Besides being a wonder herb for enhancing milk production among nursing mothers, fenugreek has many other medicinal properties.
Fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal herbs. Various medicinal uses of fenugreek are:

  1. Fenugreek can be used for treatment of external wounds, boils and rashes.

  2. Fenugreek can help in treatment of internal wounds and infections. It is an effective cure for fever and respiratory and intestinal ailments and helpful in childbirth.

  3. Fenugreek helps in the treatment of cough and bronchitis.

  4. It helps to reduce the production of mucus and ease asthma and sinus related problems.

  5. Fenugreek gargles helps soothe sore throat.

  6. Women use fenugreek for easing their menstrual pain.

  7. Fenugreek tea is a very useful remedy for curing stomach cramps and gastric upset.

  8. This herb can also be used to treat male impotence.

  9. Fenugreek herb is highly nutritious, and it is a rich source of protein, vitamin C, niacin and potassium.

Moreover, Fenugreek’s mildly bitter seeds and aromatic leaves are used as flavorings. The aromatic seeds used as seasoning especially in curry. Some people eat fenugreek can also be eaten in the form of a salad.

A Few Side Effects of Fenugreek

Fenugreek consumption is free from any significantly uncomfortable side effects. There are no major side effects known, to date, in the infants and nursing mothers who have taken fenugreek. However, women consuming fenugreek for other reasons report a few adverse affects.

  1. Fenugreek can cause a maple-like odor in their urine and sweat.

  2. Excessive consumption of fenugreek has led to developed diarrhea in some women. However, it quickly subsided when they decreased the dose or discontinued its use.

  3. Diabetics should be careful while taking fenugreek because its intake might result in lower blood glucose levels.

Herbs such as fenugreek are effective for increasing the quantity of breast milk and boost lactation. However, you should consult your health care provider before consuming this herb.

Check our recommended resources for deals and attractive offers for fenugreek pills, fenugreek tea and other fenugreek products.

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