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The Early Stage of Pregnancy- A Time for Mixed Feelings

First Month

First Month of Pregnancy.
The ability to create a living being is the most fascinating privilege bestowed upon a woman. The very knowledge that she is pregnant fills a woman with excitement. The excitement of pregnancy is normally accompanied by anxiety and some worry as well. Though considered a golden period, pregnancy is interspersed with health concerns and complications. Most women undergo new experiences in the beginning stages of pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy can be a trying period for some with nausea and bouts of vomiting to contend with.

Early Stage of Pregnancy-Time for Special Care
Things can go wrong in the early stage of pregnancy. Most common among these afflictions are spotting or vaginal bleeding, and/or miscarriage.

That is the reason your health care provider will advise you to be extra careful in the early stage of pregnancy. You may be advised against heightened physical activity, as it may lead to miscarriage. The body may even develop a tendency to miscarry pregnancies. You may be keen to know more about pregnancy and its stages. Therefore, to follow is some important information on pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stages.There are three stages of pregnancies, known as trimesters. The first trimester includes the early stage of pregnancy. If you have been trying to conceive, the news of pregnancy will certainly bring joy and excitement. An unplanned pregnancy may however, be disappointing. The initial stage of pregnancy brings a mixed batch of feelings.

You may be happy to be pregnant, but may not like the idea of being unable to spare more time for your partner. If you had earlier lost your baby to miscarriage, you may be left feeling anxious and worried about having another one. An unplanned pregnancy can fill you with remorse and anger because you are not yet mentally nor physically prepared to take on extra responsibility associated with pregnancy and nursing.

Early pregnancy is a stage where many hormonal changes take place in the body. Women may have to deal with the following symptoms in the early stage of pregnancy.

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Test.
Early Pregnancy Test

Morning Sickness: Most women experience morning sickness. It is an unpleasant experience where women have to bear nausea and vomiting. These symptoms may occur at any time of the day, and not necessarily only in the morning unlike the name suggests.

Breast Tenderness: Breasts may become tender to touch and in some cases cause pain. Tenderness is part of the breast enlargement process that the body undergoes to facilitate milk production.

Tiredness and Fatigue: Many hormonal changes take place in a woman in the early stages of pregnancy. It results in the pregnant woman feeling tired and exhausted.

Frequent Urination: This symptom may irritate an expectant mother because she has to make several trips to the washroom. The changes in the body that take place to provide room for the developing fetus create pressure against the urinary bladder. This leads to frequent urination.

Once the early stage of your pregnancy is over, things start to settle down. Anyway, pregnancy can be filled with both fun and inconvenience. However, any feelings of discomfort are often quickly overshadowed by the thought of your lovely cherubic baby cradling in your arms.

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