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Early-Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Pregnant couple.Pregnancy takes you to the realms of fantasy, where you fantasize about your precious little baby. It is indeed a very special bond that develops between the mother and baby. Pregnant women need all the help their partner can provide, in the interest of the baby’s health. But first, you would be very keen to know whether or not you are pregnant. An analysis of early pregnancy symptom can give you an indication that you are in the first stage of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Women experience pregnancy symptoms at varying stages. It is not necessary that they will experience all the symptoms that point towards preganncy. Some fortunate ones may just feel one early pregnancy symptom, in the form of missed period.

The rest of the symptoms may follow later. Early pregnancy stage symptoms can vary from person to person and should not be a stand-alone confirmation of your pregnancy. To follow is a list of early pregnancy symptoms that may help you conclude you are pregnant, which could be the most important and joyous period of your life.

Missed Period: A missed period sets in very early and is an indication of pregnancy. You cannot rely upon it, as other factors too cause missed periods. These are Illness, stress, weight fluctuations and discontinuing the consumption of oral contraceptive pills.

Nausea and Vomiting: Another early pregnancy symptom is morning sickness, which most pregnant women have to bear. Morning sickness comprises of nausea and vomiting, and it is quite an unpleasant experience. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day. These symptoms appear anywhere from two to ten weeks after conception.

Darkened Areola: The areola (dark area around the nipple) starts growing darker soon after conception. It is among the earliest of all pregnancy symptoms.

Breast Tenderness: Upon conception, the breasts start undergoing change in size to produce sufficient quantity of milk for the baby.

Constipation: Generally, women suffer from constipation during pregnancy. This can be attributed to the changes that take place in the body to accommodate the developing baby. Pressure is exerted against the bowel, which leads to constipation.

Cramps: The onset of pregnancy brings with it a series of cramps similar to the cramps a woman experiences during her periods. The cause can be attributed to hormonal changes in the body.

Increased Sense of Smell: When you experience an enhanced sense of smell that is out of the ordinary, chances are that you are on the family way. Pregnant women have reported to develop a keen sense of smell.

Exhaustion and Tiredness: Pregnant women often report getting exhausted and tired after physical work. It can be explained, as a lot of their energies are diverted for the development of the baby.

In fact, none of the above symptoms is to be considered as conclusive evidence of pregnancy. You should contact a doctor, and get a scientific blood and/or urine test done to confirm your pregnancy. Go ahead and enjoy the entire period waiting for your baby to arrive.

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