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Look for Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early pregnancy cramping.Pregnancy can be quite an exciting experience for most women. Whether or not you are pregnant can only be ascertained by a blood test, which your doctor will carry out. However, you can look for certain early pregnancy symptoms that will indicate that you are pregnant.

Some Early Pregnancy Symptoms
  • An early pregnancy symptom, cramping, is among the most common signs of pregnancy, besides a missed period or a period accompanied by lesser than normal bleeding.

  • Constipation, caused by hormonal changes and pressure from the uterus growing and pushing against the bowel, is another common cause of early pregnancy cramping.

  • Among the early symptoms of pregnancy is the darkening of the areola (the dark area around the nipple), which may occur about one week after conception.

  • You may start feeling exhausted or sleepy about one to six months after conception.

  • You may develop unexplained craving for food.

  • Headaches may accompany pregnancy. Headaches could be due to the increase of hormones in the body. Other reasons of headaches could be caffeine withdrawal, dehydration or eyestrain. To know more about headaches during pregnancy, you can use search words such as -‘early pregnancy symptom headache’ - on the search engine without quotes and look for more information on this subject.

  • The symptom of frequent urination may appear six to eight weeks after conception, and may continue throughout pregnancy.

  • Lower abdominal cramps are common during pregnancy.

  • If you suddenly sense an increased sense of smell, you could be pregnant.

  • Nausea and vomiting are normal signs of pregnancy that appear two to ten weeks after conception. You could feel nausea (morning sickness) and/or have a full bout of vomiting. Hormonal changes may be reason for experiencing nausea or vomiting.

  • You could possibly feel that your breasts have swollen and become tender after about one to two weeks of conception. They are likely to be that way all through your pregnancy.

  • Lower backaches normally occur during pregnancy and remain throughout pregnancy. To find out more type the keywords - early backache pregnancy symptom – in any search engine.

  • You might feel bloated and notice weight gain. Some women may also experience diarrhea during early pregnancy. To learn more about diarrhea during pregnancy and type the search words ‘bloating early pregnancy symptom’, ‘diarrhea early pregnancy symptoms’ into any search engine without quotes to extract more information on this aspect of pregnancy.

Cramping during pregnancy.An uncommon early pregnancy symptom is the appearance of flu. Other uncommon symptoms could be loss of appetite, muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea, pale bowel movements, dark-colored urine, stomach pains, and liver problems. These are not very common symptoms of pregnancy and you should obtain more information about flu symptoms before concluding you are pregnant.

Internet is wide resource of information on all these aspects of pregnancy and to find relevant information, you can type search words or phrases ‘early in pregnancy flu like symptom’, ‘early flu like pregnancy symptom’, and ‘early pregnancy symptom flu’ to get relevant information and be better equipped to handle any symptoms that may arise.

If you have a few or more of these symptoms and feel that you are pregnant, visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy. Your doctor will get your blood test done to confirm if you are pregnant. You will need to take good care of yourself during the entire period of pregnancy. Follow the advice of your doctor and avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. Relax and enjoy this golden period of your life to the hilt.

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