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Early Symptoms of Pregnancy - Signaling the Joy of Motherhood

pregnancy discharge.These days the pregnancy tests are conducted at the early stages to detect conception and pregnancy.

However, there were no such tests conducted in the earlier days and those days the people used were intuitive methods such as discharge, an interpretation of an early pregnancy symptom.

Cervical mucus was also considered an early pregnancy symptom, as were many other similar signs. Here is a list of some early pregnancy symptoms that could indicate conception.

Vaginal Discharge/Cervical Mucus

Vaginal discharge of various forms is an early pregnancy symptom or a pointer towards conception. The amount of vaginal discharge increases in the earliest stage of pregnancy.

This is because the estrogen production increases with the greater blood flow to the vagina. The vaginal discharge alas increases as you start approaching the time of labor.

Cervical mucous is not an early pregnancy symptom but an indication of pregnancy and at the later stage of pregnancy. Cervical mucous typically indicates labor. Cervical secretions fill the cervical canal and create a protective barrier called the mucus plug.

The cervix expels this mucus discharge and begins to dilate as you approach the ninth month of your pregnancy. The mucus discharge may come out in the form of a lump or it may be the regular increased vaginal discharge over the course of time. When a woman is pregnant, normally the cervical mucus is thick and tacky. It has does not stretch easily as the mucus of normal unfertile times does.

Yeast Infection during Pregnancy

As another early pregnancy symptom, yeast infection is a problematic symptom of pregnancy. If the vaginal discharge is giving a foul smell, is frothy, yellow, green or gray in color, it may be because of a kind of vaginal infection, called yeast infection. It is not necessary to have itching, burning or irritation during this time.

A microscopic fungus in the Candida family, bacteria that is normally found in the vagina, is mainly responsible for yeast infection. It creates a problem when this bug overwhelms other competing microorganisms by growing very fast.

It is advisable to get proper treatment for yeast infection although it is not going to harm your baby’s development. However, if the yeast infection is not treated completely before the delivery of the baby, the baby is likely to contract this infection when it passes through the vagina. The best way to prevent a yeast infection is to always keep your genital area clean and dry. Eating yogurt can help in restoring proper bacterial balance in the vagina.

Take complete care of yourself (both physically and mentally) so that you give birth to a healthy child. A little carelessness from your side can lead to drastic results and can bring abnormalities in your child.

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