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An Overview of Different Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period in a woman’s life. Crucial as it is, this period demands proper care of the expectant mother and the fetus. Diet plays a critical role in pregnancy. A healthy diet rich in wheat, grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and fiber will help fulfill her body requirements. You may notice mood-swings, as her body undergoes various changes during pregnancy. A pregnant woman has to pass through different stages. Each different stage of pregnancy represents various developmental phases of your baby.

Different Stages of Pregnancy

Total duration of pregnancy is divided into three equal durations representing different stages of pregnancy. Each stage consists of three-month periods known as trimesters.

First Trimester of Pregnancy.The First Trimester: The first stage of pregnancy or the first trimester extends to 14 weeks or three and a half months. During this stage, a woman typically starts feeling the effects of morning sickness, a term used to describe the nausea and vomiting experience by women in early pregnancy. Morning sickness does not necessarily occur in the mornings only. A pregnant woman could feel sick any time of the day. The breasts may also grow larger, and become tender and sensitive.

Confirmation from a doctor is imperative; the moment a woman feels that she might be pregnant she should immediately visit her doctor for tests. Once her pregnancy is confirmed, life takes a sudden turn. She will have to make a number of changes in her lifestyle. Eating habits may have to change, as the doctor will advise her to take a healthy and well-balanced diet throughout pregnancy.

As the first trimester ends, the baby is approximately two to four inches in length. This is a developmental stage of pregnancy where all major organs have started to develop.

Second Trimester.The Second Trimester: The second trimester begins after three and half months of pregnancy, and comprises another of three months. This is a stage of extensive development of the baby. This is the stage where pregnancy starts showing on the mother. For most, the symptoms of morning sickness disappear, but some women may continue to experience milder forms of the first trimester pregnancy symptoms in this stage. The mother may feel more energetic as the pregnancy symptoms of the first stage and second stage differs considerably. The baby in the womb is more active and the mother can feel its movements.

During the second trimester, the belly starts protruding, as the baby grows and measures around 12 to 14 inches.

Third Pregnancy Trimester.The Third Trimester: At this final stage of pregnancy, the mother starts showing more clearly. The belly protrudes further. The mother may start experiencing increasing back pain because of the strain caused on the back muscles by the protrusion. Emotions start flooding the mother, as the expected date of the baby’s arrival draws closer. The anxiety is writ large on her face at this stage. At the final stages, the child should be around 18 to 22 inches. A newborn healthy baby is around 7.5 pounds in weight.

The arrival of the baby signifies the end of all the discomfort and joys of being pregnant, as you are all set to enjoy the fruits of motherhood.

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