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Breast Feeding with Breast Implants

Implants Generally Do Not Hamper Breast Feeding.Many women are apprehensive to undergo breast enhancement because they are not sure whether or not it is possible to breast feed after breast implant surgery. In a majority of cases, mothers can breast-feed their child after getting breast implants.

However, if during breast implant surgery, the tissue undergoes trauma, there is likelihood of milk ducts being damaged. This situation can cause can cause problems for mothers willing to breast feed with implants.

There are different opinions on whether silicone breast implants are safe for the baby or not. Many feel that silicone is safe for the baby. Their viewpoint is that if silicone is not safe for the baby, then women with silicone wrist bone replacement, silicone joints, and chin replacements may also be refrained from breast-feeding.

The choice of breast-feeding with breast implant is a matter of personal choice as many women with breast implants are successfully breast-feeding their babies.

Successful Breast Feeding with Breast Implant

In 1992, controversy regarding silicone made headlines. There were apprehensions all around that silicon could affect the health of the baby. Studies have proven these fears wrong, as the silicone molecule is too large to enter the milk ducts.

However, silicone implants were removed and saline implants were the only implants available. The saline found its way into breast milk, but was considered harmless.

Before you go for breast implants, it is important to discuss your concern about breast-feeding and implant surgery.

You may not have any immediate plans of having babies, but you need to ensure that the implants in no way would impede breast-feeding a few years down the road. An implant placed under the muscle is better than a peri-aerolar incision. This way the milk ducts will not be affected. However, even women with peri-aerolar incisions have been successfully breast-feeding.

Problems Related to Breast Surgery

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) had reported earlier that any type of breast surgery, including breast implants, could impede one’s breast-feeding supply. The surgery makes it three times more likely for a breast-feeding woman to have inadequate milk supply.

A study was conducted on two groups of breast feeding mothers – one with breast surgery, and the others without it. Mothers with babies not gaining at least one ounce per day, or needing supplements with formula were considered as having lactation insufficiency. Women who had breast surgery through an incision on the nipple (periareolar incision) were five times more likely to have insufficient milk than women with no breast surgery were.

Women with breast implants should be wary of breast-feeding their babies. When some women were asked to explain the reasons, they said that they refrained from breastfeeding with the breast implant since they apprehended insufficient breast milk and other complications. The reasons for milk supply problems associated with implants are not clear yet. In some cases, however, the surgery with periareolar incision could possibly cause damage to milk ducts or the tissues. It is not clear whether it is the surgery or the implants that is to be blamed.

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