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stretch marks on the breasts.

Stretch Marks on Your Skin
Human skin plays a vital role in protecting the body against internal infections, helps in guarding against physical damage through sensory pains, and helps in cooling the entire body with the help of sweat glands. Undoubtedly, your skin is the canvas of physical beauty.

nursing stretch marks.Stretching this "canvas of physical beauty" beyond a certain limit causes stretch marks on your breasts and other body parts. Your skin is only so flexible. Stretch marks (scars) develop on your skin when it is stretched beyond its limits of flexibility.

The term stretch marks refer to the scars on the skin that cause damage to the elastic fibers that are responsible for skin stretch. Stretch marks are perfectly normal, and both men and women can develop them. Various causes associated with development of stretch marks are pregnancy, drastic weight loss, bodybuilding, rapid growth and even physical growth during puberty.

Stretch marks may start to develop as pink, reddish-brown, brown, or very dark brown streaks, depending upon your skin color. After a certain time they tend to fade and form a more silvery color that is lighter than the rest of the skin color. The scars can appear anywhere on your body, but are most commonly found on hips, breasts and waists.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Stretch marks (scars) commonly appear in women during pregnancy. This is because there are changes in women’s body during pregnancy. The skin is overstretched like a balloon. This overstretching disrupts the normal production of collagen. They initially look like red or purple in color and gradually fade.

Treatment Options for Stretch Marks
Stretch marks on the breasts and abdomen can be treated with the use of various creams, which are specifically meant to remove these marks when they start appearing during pregnancy. Surgeries can also help in treatment of these stretch marks on breasts, abdomen and hips. However, surgeries are recommended only under circumstances when starch marks are not responding to other treatments.

There are certain women who have a tendency to develop stretch marks on delicate breast tissues because of their restructuring and regenerating activity. Breast stretch marks can be prevented or removed with the use of good stretch mark creams that contain the natural skin care ingredients.

These stretch mark creams contain natural peptides with antibacterial effects, Glycolic acid, Vitamins and Proteins. These creams are in bio-available form and compatible with living cells. Normally, the natural ingredients of these creams are cocoa butter cream, wheat germ oil and lanolin that not only help to heal the scars but also to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.

breast stretch mark cream.It is impossible to totally remove the stretch marks once they appear. However, you can fade the appearance of these stretch marks or prevent them from appearing by applying a few techniques.

One way of doing this is through massage. Massage the breast skin with the moisturizing agents at least twice in a day. Start this from 2-4 weeks of your pregnancy. Massage should be done with the aromatherapy oils, oils containing Vitamin E, and cocoa butter.

Proper care of your skin helps to make your skin look always young, vibrant and flawless. Take a balanced diet and nourish your skin with regular massage, especially during pregnancy when you are sure to develop stretch marks.

Check our recommended sources for deals and attractive offers on various stretch mark treatment options.

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