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Answers to Your Breast Feeding Questions

breastfeeding questions.For a first time mother, a very common breast-feeding question on her mind is how she can know whether her baby is getting enough milk. It is not easy to answer this one, but babies have a way of telling it all.

Look for signs such as the number of times your baby is wetting the diaper and passing stools, which will vary as your baby grows. You may even note the weight pattern of your baby and consult the pediatrician to ensure whether your baby is getting enough milk.

Breast Size is Not Related to the Quantity of Milk

Another very common question related to breast-feeding is whether mothers with small breasts can breast feed at all. According to experts, breast size is not related to the amount of milk produced. Nursing mothers with small breasts have no problems feeding their babies. On the contrary, studies show that large-breasted women face some difficulty making their babies latch on to the nipple.

Women with breast implants have certain doubts whether they can breast feed. Breastfeeding with implants is no issue provided the milk ducts were not damaged during the surgery.

There are also certain issues related to medication of the mother while she is nursing. Certain medicines are safe and can be taken. However, it is safer to consult a doctor in this matter and stop taking all medicines that could have a negative affect on the health of your baby.

Adoption and Breast Feeding

Breastfeed with implants.An increasing number of childless couples are taking to child adoption. Two major issues that confront them are getting the baby to breast feed, and producing breast milk.

Adopting mothers are happy to breast-feed even though they do not produce enough milk. The physical closeness is emotionally satisfying for the adopting mother and child. Here is how you can approach breastfeeding.

  • Visit the hospital where the baby is to be born. Try to begin breastfeeding at the first opportunity you get. Start breastfeeding before the baby gets used to the bottle. To supplement her feed try the cup or finger feeding method, but not the bottle.
  • If the biological mother is prepared to breast feed the baby for the first few days, there is a risk of her changing her mind on adoption.
  • Here is another breast-feeding tip. Make the baby to latch on properly, so that she benefits from the limited supply of your breast milk.

  • Stimulate your breasts, and use a pump to start the milk production process. You may also use Domperidone, a drug that helps produce milk. Consult the doctor to discuss its side effects. Alternatively, you can use natural breast milk enhancers such as fenugreek.

Breast Feeding and Menstruation

Breast-feeding is known to suppress menstruation. Women who continue to breast feed may not have regular periods. The return of the first period depends on the frequency of breastfeeding and bottle supplementing.

The other factors are whether the baby has been introduced to solids, and the manner in which the mother’s body responds to hormonal changes.

The return of the first period indicates that you are fertile again and can get pregnant. However, the return of periods does not signal the end of breastfeeding. You can continue to breast feed as long as you can.

Check our recommended sources for attractive deals and offers on breastfeeding supplies and other aids for nursing mothers.

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