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Efficiently Handling Your Breast Feeding Problem

First time mothers generally have to cope with breastfeeding problems when nursing their babies. However, Problems breastfeeding.barring a few exceptions, breastfeeding problems are not serious and you can cope with them if you have proper knowledge about them. Here are a few problems related to breastfeeding that nursing mothers face. What may interest you more is how to deal with them.

Leaking: Most of the first time mothers complain about leaking of breast milk. This is a common breastfeeding problem; it may appear for a while, and gets resolved with time. Wet spots on your apparel can be embarrassing. You may use nursing pads made from cotton and wool, to avoid this embarrassment. These pads are absorbent and washable too.

Disposable nursing pads are good for nursing mothers on the move. If leaking is due to overproduction, you can breast feed your baby frequently. Some mothers stop leakage by firmly pressing on the nipples. However, this is not the beast way to deal with this problem. This could plug the milk ducts and cause complications.

Inadequate Milk Supply: Normally, mothers have apprehensions about their milk supply. Most of the mothers believe that their milk supply might not be adequate for the baby. However, if your baby adequately wets 5 to 6 disposable diapers or 7 to 8, cloth diapers everyday, and gains half an ounce each day, there is no point worrying.

If your baby is not having proper bowel movements, not wetting the diapers, and not gaining weight, you may have low breast milk supply. In this case, warm compress your breasts before the feed. Feed the baby frequently to stimulate breast milk production. Your baby needs to have 8 to 12 feedings a day.

Sore Nipples: Initially, nipples may be a bit tender for the first few minutes for a few days, but should not bother you much thereafter. If your baby is not latched on properly, it may lead to sore nipples. Latch your baby on to the areola (dark area around the nipple) and not the nipple alone. If your nipples are sore, use lanolin based moisturizers. Do not wash your nipple with harsh soaps. You may allow your nipples to dry after a feed and wear loose fitting cotton bra. Nipple shields also allow proper ventilation to the nipples.

Engorgement: During the early part of your nursing days, breasts can be engorged or swollen, which can be very painful. Your baby might find latching on difficult as the nipple can go flat. To solve this breastfeeding problem, you may use a heating pad before breastfeeding. Massage your breasts toward the nipple when the baby is breastfeeding, and use cold compresses or an ice pack thereafter.

Breastfeeding in Public

Breast-Feeding in Public. Breastfeeding is the most natural of all human behaviors. However, you will find a large portion of people against breast-feeding in public.

Mothers can both respect the needs of her baby and try to provide as much privacy as she can when she needs to feed her hungry baby. The mother can use a blanket or sift cover to cover the child while breastfeeding. She can also use a top with slits that covers the breast while the baby is breastfeeding.

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