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Breast Feeding Help to Nurse Your Child Correctly

breastfeeding help. Breast milk is the perfect food for your baby, according to experts. It contains all the nutrition that your baby needs and it supports the newborn’s immune system well.

Good for the baby’s delicate digestive system, it is the most hygienic substance that you can feed your baby. Breast-feeding can help you lose weight quicker, as you burn an extra 500 calories every day. If you are looking for breast-feeding help, you can rely on the following tips.

Breast Feeding Tips
  • Try and provide your baby the first breast feed as soon as he or she is born.

  • Talk to the nursery staff to keep the baby with you so that you can breast-feed her when she is hungry.

  • Ask the staff to avoid the use of supplemental bottles. If a supplement is needed at all, ask the pediatrician if lactation aid can be used in place of a bottle. Once used to bottle-feeding, your baby may not take to breast feeding later.

  • Breast feeding in the presence of the hospital staff will ensure that you are doing it the right way. You may take breast-feeding assistance from experts in case you are not sure how to breast feed your baby correctly.

  • It is best to keep your baby off pacifier use, as prolonged usage can promote the risk of ear infection. If possible, avoid introducing your baby to the pacifier before she is 4 weeks old. In case your baby is breastfeeding properly, you may put her on the pacifier earlier.

  • You may avoid bottle-feeding to ensure that your baby continues to breast feed properly. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid any supplementary formula before your baby is 4 weeks old. If a supplement is required, try and use a lactation aid.

  • Smoking can cause irretrievable damage to your baby’s health. So, it is best to avoid smoking as long as you are nursing your baby.

Breast Feeding Twins the Right Way

Breast-feeding twins right away after birth is the ideal situation. It may be possible if you escaped the cesarean section. Nursing twins is quite distinct from nursing a single baby, though the basics remain the same.

The following tips will help the nursing mother to breast feed her twins.

  • In the initial period, breast-feeding twins together will help you save time. Later, you would have to breast feed on demand.

  • The best position to feed your twins is the football hold. Place each twin by your side and gently guide their heads toward each breast, as shown in the illustration. Try out other positions too.

  • Use special pillows available on the market to help positioning twins while breastfeeding.

  • Plan your housework so that it does not clash with the babies’ needs. You will need your husband’s help in the matter and support of other family members.

  • Your twins have different personalities and may need to be fed at varying times. It will help to maintain a record of their feeding patterns to ensure that they are fed on time.

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