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Stages of pregnancy and baby development. Different Stages of Pregnancy

The news of pregnancy can be very exciting for couples looking forward to having a family. Once the euphoria of taking the first step and succeeding settles down, think of what is yet to come. The process of change in your body has already been initiated and you may soon start experiencing those changes, if you have not thus far. You will be going through the different stages of pregnancy. At present you are at the initial developing stage of your pregnancy.

Information on the Stages of Pregnancy

Before we present information on the stages of pregnancy and the baby stage during pregnancy, it is better to understand how to calculate and understand the different stage of your baby’s development. This information will also help you understand the physical stage of your pregnancy and understand the different changes that your body will undergo during this period.

The entire pregnancy is divided into three stages called trimesters. As you go through these stages, you will enjoy the experiences of growth of the baby taking inside you. The entire pregnancy period is interspersed with some exciting and some not so pleasant experiences. The three different stages are described below.

The First Trimester: The first stage of pregnancy lasts 14 months. This is the stage where you will start noticing certain symptoms associated with pregnancy.

The areola (dark area around the nipple) will get darker. You may also experience tenderness in your breasts. The breasts will also grow larger in size, as they prepare for the process of milk production. Morning sickness is common among pregnant women. It is characterized by nausea and vomiting. Though this condition is termed as morning sickness, but the fact is that you can get sick any time of the day.

It is highly likely that the symptoms are more intense in the morning because the stomach is empty. If you take some snacks as you wake up from sleep the intensity may tone down. You may consult your doctor, who may suggest a balanced diet and some vitamin and mineral supplements. Your baby will need nutrients, and since you are the supplier, it will be better to be on proper diet.

During the first trimester, the baby develops to about two to four inches in length. All the major organs start developing by the end of the trimester. This stage is also known as the developing stage of pregnancy and you require special care and nutrition during this stage of your body’s preparation for motherhood.

The Second Trimester: The second stage starts after 14 weeks of the pregnancy and extends up to 28 weeks. You would be freed from morning sickness during the second stage. Even if you continue to suffer from morning sickness, the degree to which you experience it will likely be reduced. Pregnancy starts to show up as your baby develops at a fast pace and your stomach starts protruding outward. The baby will be around 12 to 14 inches by the end of the second trimester.

The Third Trimester: You would appear fully pregnant by now. The size of the growing baby may cause back pain, and you may go through a number of emotions, while awaiting the arrival of your baby. Your baby will be around 18 to 24 inches and ready to take birth.

You need to visit your health care provider at regular intervals during all the stages of pregnancy because she/he has more information on the stage of pregnancy and will be able to determine that the physical development of the baby is satisfactory. This is also important to keep a close watch on your health because the baby’s health and development depends on your health and proper nutrition.

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